We are officially a member of ECTA

ECTA - Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada. Through this forum, we intend to keep apprised of industry standards, ensure compliance, and provide our feedback and input into the development of these initiatives. 

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Vaping is increasingly becoming a great alternative to smoking.

We dedicate to our customers:

To continue researching new products and new developments in the electronic cigarette industry

  •       To continue educating our customers on the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes

  •       To continue introducing high quality products as they become available

  •       To provide technical support and customer service on all of the electronic cigarettes, parts and accessories we sell

  •       To listen and respond to all customer feedback, inquiries, and comments

Contrary to our competition in this market, we have a variety of electronic cigarettes to offer to our customers. This is based on countless hours of research, actual testing, customer feedback, and repeat business. We firmly believe that these products meet and exceed our expectations of a quality product. All of our recommended products are from reputable manufacturers who are recognized for the quality of their products.

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We encourage all of our customers to share their feedback, suggestions, and inquiries. Our selection of electronic cigarettes and accessories continue to grow and our primary goal is customer satisfaction.


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